Darian Boyle

Darian is not your “traditional sports girl”. She likes things extreme. “Extreme” meaning: man vs. nature; where the odds aren’t in your favor, nor can they be controlled. For that’s where the thrill lies. Being an adrenaline junkie with a passion for sports that allow her to explore uncharted waters and unforgiving mountains, Darian pushes […]

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Whim Shots

Debby Carman is an imagineer. She is a Laguna Beach, California artist, author, cartoonist and fabulist who dreamily draws, paints, sculpts, whimsical cats, dogs and other creatures of the animal kingdom. She chronicles random notions, furry motions and life’s nutty nuances depicting fun and farce, frolic and foible in her distinctively recognizable style and expressively

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Bill Trail

BillTrail has been a really cool project. The application lets you track US bills around the United States. The website runs off PHP and MySQL and integrates Google maps based on location input. Members can track bills as well as receive email updates on location activity. Year Built: 2010 Construction Time: 2 weeks

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Tres Olas

Tres Olas Surf Camp is located on the west coast of Costa Rica were the water is warm and the waves are open for the taking. This website was build in Dreamweaver and uses Adobe contribute for client updates. This site is constantly changing and has already become popular in the search engines. Year Built:

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